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Why Should I Use These Whiteboard Elements?

Boost Your Sales & Conversions
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Designed To Work With:

Dear Friend,

Stories are one of the most powerful, yet often overlooked, ways to create real bonding, and trust with your prospects.

Big marketers know it and utilize to make their customers almost 'beg' to get their product.

How do they do it?

Creating A Character That Will Represent Your Potential Prospect Is A Secret Way To Create A Deep Connection With Your Viewer...

Almost Forcing Him To Say "Yes" To Whatever You Are Selling...
Is there any way to make your videos truly stand out from anyone else? How to get the attention from the distracted prospects?

That way your viewer can identify with your message and feel like you UNDERSTAND him or her. And with this understanding trust is being build - leading to "ka-ching"! More money in your pocket! Very POWERFUL!

Unfortunately, creating a compelling story using just words requires a pretty excellent copywriting skills...

or spending thousands of dollars on a decent copywriter...

But there is a shortcut!

Making A Whiteboard Video With Unique Graphics Elements Is One Of The Most Potent Ways To Tell An Attention-Grabbing Story

Unfortunately, Outsourcing Video Graphics Is Not Cheap...

...and can cost you $2-$4 for just one graphic element. With 50-100 graphics required to make any descent video, youâ're looking at around $225.00. And it's just graphics!

I decided to come up with a solution that will allow you to...

Build Your Very Own Whiteboard Video With Sky-Rocket Conversions Using Special, All-New 'Story Building' Graphics Elements... For Literally Pennies!


Whiteboard Madness is an all-in-one, massive collection of 1,100+ whiteboard graphic elements with hand-drawn characters & objects. It includes 367 totally unique graphics presented in 3 styles: outline, black & white and color.

Now you'll be able to craft almost "magical" videos with compelling stories & visual characters giving you more profits, stronger authority & envy from your competitors.

Here is a sample of 3 styles the graphics come with:

You can also use these beautiful hand-drawn elements on your website, ecover graphic, t-shirt, business card, social media ecover and so on! The sky is the limit!

Here's What You'll Get

Get Instant Access To Whiteboard Madness!
100% Secure Checkout - 1,100+ Whiteboard Graphics - 63% Discount

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"I Was Really Impressed! Everything I Need Is There!"

Warren Contreras
Portland, Oregon, USA
"A Dream Comes True..."


This is what I call "a dream comes true".....I wish I had this years ago.

Honestly, I've never seen a better collection of graphic images like this to help newbies get started INSTANTLY with absolutely no technical skill required.

Aigul Erali
"Lucas Is Right Up At The Top!"

I have actually used Lucas's services outside of the Warrior Forum and he is VERY good!

I thought I would pick up these graphics as well - I am NOT disappointed!

I have also used well over 50 different web designers and graphic artists and Lucas is right up there at the top!

In short - for this price a BARGAIN!

Chris Jones

"These Graphic Elements Are VERY VERY High Quality"

Hyderabad, India
"The Richest Ever With Everything I Need..."

I bought your product a few days ago.

They are simply marvellous and easy to edit.

This is the package I love, the richest ever with everything I need and a lot of exclusive bonuses.

Thanks so much and keep always up your good work!

Alessandro Zamboni
Milano, Italy
"Great Stuff As Always Lucas!"

Great stuff as always Lucas!

Just what the doctor ordered, and perfect that some of these are "pre-made" so one doesn't have to fiddle with them.

Complements the headline package I bought from you before perfectly!

Espen Samuelsen

You May Expect To Pay $197, $297 Or Even $497 For Such An Exclusive Video Package...

And to be honest, it's totally worth such a price.

I'll make it simple for you.

The actual cost for this one-of-a-kind video package is well over: $1,000.00

Think about getting just 100 unique whiteboard graphics could cost you $200-$400 right here!

You could also "try" and create a video yourself, invest in expensive software, and spend months struggling!

The last option is to get a video creation software and use the same templates & graphics everyone else is using...

Before I'm going to reveal to you my discounted price, let's sum it up together.

Here's What You Get:

What You'll Receive...
Whiteboard Pack #1 - Scientist Gregory
Whiteboard Pack #2 - Weight Loss Story Molly
Whiteboard Pack #3 - Dating Story Ron
Whiteboard Pack #4 - Bodybuilder Mike
Whiteboard Pack #5 - Rich Guy Nathan
Whiteboard Pack #6 - Distributor Bryan
Whiteboard Pack #7 - Salesman Evan
Whiteboard Pack #8 - Waiter Alexandra
Whiteboard Pack #9 - Businessman Vincent
Whiteboard Pack #10 - Shopping Girl Sally
Whiteboard Pack #11 - Office Lady Jude
Whiteboard Pack #12 - Job Seeker Alan
Whiteboard Pack #13 - Mechanic Oscar
Whiteboard Pack #14 - Food
Whiteboard Pack #15 - Money
Whiteboard Pack #16 - Medicine
Whiteboard Pack #17 - Badges
Whiteboard Pack #18 - Christmas
Whiteboard Pack #19 - Office
Whiteboard Pack #20 - Animated
Total Value Today

Total Value Of This Incredible Package: $2,071.00!

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Why It's Just $37?

Here are the main reasons why I'm charging only $37 for this premium package.

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I want every single person get an opportunity to try my conversion boosting whiteboard graphics. I love seeing people go from ZERO to amazing success, and I want the same for you too!

If you still can't wrap your head around this expense, skip getting a coffee at Starbucks once this week and it's paid for.

"Love It Or I Pay You $100"
Money-Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1
Try Whiteboard Madness risk-free for 60 days and if for any reason you won't be absolutely thrilled with this jaw-dropping video bundle, just send a support ticket to admin@premiumimstore.com and I'll refund you every penny. No questions asked, no hassle!

Guarantee #2
If you actually use these video templates and you won't notice any significant changes (in increased sales or conversions), I'll refund all your money, PLUS give you $50 for your wasted time. I would feel bad taking your hard-earned money without giving you 10 TIMES the value what you paid for!

Lucas Adamski

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Money Back Guaranteed
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Frequently Asked Questions

What License Does It Come With?

All the graphics come with a personal's license. You can use all the content freely, customize them and implement in your own projects. If you're interested in a developer's license to do work for your clients, you'll be able to get it in an upsell offer.

Do You Provide Any Support?

YES, absolutely! I'm always here for help, just send me a ticket and I'll answer any issues in 24-48h. You will never be left alone. I'm here to help.

Do You Own A Full License To All The Graphics?

Yes! You can feel safe using these graphics.

Does It Work On Mac/Windows?

The graphics work on Mac and Windows.

Can These Graphics & Videos Be Used In Wordpress/OptimizePress/LeadPages?

Yes! You can use these graphics literally anywhere. In Wordpress, basically select the graphic you want and use a Wordpress upload option.

How can I edit these graphics?

You'd need to have Illustrator to edit them. But it's not really required. You can just load them in any of your favorite video creator.

To Your Success,
Lucas Adamski

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