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Re: Become the go-to source!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

I don't have to tell you how important social media is to your marketing efforts.

Millions of active users on Facebook should make that pretty clear to even the newest of entrepreneurs.

I also don't have to tell you how profitable a "community" of social followers can be. Similar to your email list, your social followers are a valuable asset you can tap for:

  • Product launches
  • Referrals
  • JV partnerships
  • Affiliate promotions
  • Social sharing
  • ...and much more.

The only trouble is...

Building a Large Social Following
Takes Work

If you've ever built a Facebook page or started a group, and watched the "likes" and joins climb ever-so-slowly, then you know how frustrating it can be.

You do your best to keep people engaged (because if you don't, Facebook won't even show your content to those who like your page!) but it feels like a constant struggle to find relevant content to share.

In fact, some experts claim you should be posting 10 or 12 or even 15 times per day in your groups and on your pages, just to gain traction!

Yikes! Who has that kind of time? You have a business to run after all, and if you spend all your time hunting down content to share, you won't have any time for the tasks that are actually making you money.

Not only that, but unless you're actively participating on dozens, or even hundreds, of other groups and pages, you'll never even see the best content, and you probably already know that...

Searching Facebook is a Huge Time Suck!

Just logging into Facebook can be a waste of time, if you're like most people. It's far too easy to get sucked into conversations, click over to read an interesting article, or get sidetracked with funny cat videos (admit it, you've done it).

Here's the real problem though: a search on Facebook reveals pages and groups devoted to your topic, but not individual posts. Not only that, but there's no option to search by most popular posts.

What you're left with is a poorly ordered list of somewhat related posts, without any indication of the quality of the content itself.

I think you'd agree that this kind of search is not going to reveal the type of quality content you need if you hope to build your social following and be seen as the industry leader in your niche.

But now, there is a better way...

Introducing Facebook Hot Content Seeker

Here's the thing you need to understand about Facebook content -- the number of "likes" and shares shares is a critical consideration. The more an update is liked or shared, the higher the quality generally is.

But because Facebook doesn't give you the option to search based on popularity, this type of high-quality content can be tough to find.

With the Facebook Hot Content Seeker plugin for WordPress, all that has changed. Now you can...

  • Search Facebook pages and groups -- including content you will never see without a powerful search function.
  • Find only the most popular, viral content (because popularity breeds popularity).
  • Find and share content from within your WordPress dashboard -- without ever logging into Facebook.
  • Create posts and pages in WordPress from the content that's being shared on Facebook right now.
  • Search posts, albums and even video!
  • Instantly share your finds to your Facebook page, in a group, or on your personal timeline -- all without leaving your WordPress dashboard.
  • Search in any niche, for any keyword -- find the content your audience wants and needs, no matter what your market is.
  • Share the most relevant content to your pages and groups -- and never again face the question, "What will I post today?"
  • Add a quick Facebook search to your blogging workflow and connect related content in a new, innovative way.
  • Grow your list of followers and fans, simply by sharing more hot content!

Maybe best of all, though, is that this plugin is a part of your familiar WordPress dashboard. You don't even have to log into Facebook to find and share the most popular content in your niche, which will save you hours of wasted time!

And of course, it's all backed by my...

Your purchase is absolutely risk free. Try the plugin for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund right away. So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

What will you share with your audience today? How will you grow your social following? With the Facebook Hot Content Seeker plugin for WordPress, you'll always have something new and hot to share!

Get Instant Access Now

Yes! Sign me up! I'm spending far too much time searching out new content to share with my audience, and this plugin is going to make that task so much eaiser!

I understand I'll get:

  • The easy-to-install WordPress plugin I can simply upload and activate.
  • Full instructions for connecting the plugin to my Facebook account.
  • The option to search pages or groups to find the best content for my audience.
  • The ability to search and share right from WordPress--and even create posts and pages based on the content I find!

I can't wait to ramp up my social posting schedule thanks to this innovative new plugin....


P.S. Viral content drives clicks. If you're having trouble getting engagement in your groups or on your Facebook page (thanks for Facebook's "pay to play" algorithm) then sharing proven, popular content can help. This plugin will find it for you.

P.P.S. Remember, this plugin is backed by my 100% money-back guarantee. If you find it doesn't help keep your Facebook pages and groups filled with great content, simply email me for a full refund.

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