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Boost Your Sales & Conversions
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Dear Internet Marketer,

Did you ever wonder why some authors make thousands of book sales, while others constantly struggle?

Let me ask you this:

Did You Ever Judge A Book By Its Cover?

Many case studies have proven, over and over again, that a professional book cover increases sales.

It takes literally seconds for your prospect to judge your book by how your cover looks!

If you have an amateurish-looking book or ebook cover it can...


Top authors know it and invest in top-shelf graphic designers to get an avalanche of sales.

Unfortunately, hiring top designers cost a lot of money... and could make you wait weeks for delivery...

Another option is to hire a cheap designer on Fiverr... to later get a "child's scribbling" design quality!

Or you could always get an overused ecover graphic pack, to later find out you have to edit the covers in Photoshop that makes it very frustrating!

What's the solution?

I came up with a...

Premium Quality, Done-For-You Book Cover Templates Collection Featuring 80 Stunning Cover Designs For Ficion & Nonfiction

All compatible with Amazon Kindle.

The cover templates incorporate design fundamentals of the bestselling books on Amazon giving you an extra edge over your competitors.

All of these beautiful covers are easily customizable in Microsoft Powerpoint or Open Office and no Photoshop is required.

Now you can create your very own, hot-selling book cover in 5 minutes or less... with no design skills or technical skills required!

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Stellar Quality
Each graphic was designed extremely carefully to create a feeling of professionalism, credibility and trust (so that your prospects will be more likely to buy what you're selling)
Designed For Marketers
I'm marketer myself and I've been doing graphics for internet marketers for the past 5 years. This is a unique book cover package like nothing you've ever seen!
Easy-To-Find Organized
Any time you need some graphic, it will take just seconds to find exactly what you're looking for. Then just copy & paste or customize your template in literally minutes! It's that simple.
Make Own Graphics Without Photoshop
All the graphics can be easily customized in Photoshop, a free online graphic editor ( Powerpoint or Open Office. It's super simple and you'll receive a short video trainig showing everything step-by-step.

40 Nonfiction Book Covers
40 Fiction Book Covers

Get Instant Access To Ecover Maniac V2!
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What Makes Ecover Maniac V2 Unique From
Any Other Book Cover Pack?

100% Unique Cover Graphics Based On Bestsellers - These are very fresh cover graphics incorporating design fundamentals of the bestselling books on Amazon giving you an extra edge!

No Photoshop Needed - These done-for-you graphics are truly a Plug-and-Play solution. Many of the templates won't require much editing from you. No Photoshop! For many templates all you have to do is to just change the text, upload on Amazon Kindle, and you're done! It's that simple! You can edit them in Powerpoint, Open Office or Pixlr.

Comes With Unlimited Personal License - Create as many beautiful graphics as you want. There is no limit and you can use them freely as many times as you want for commercial projects.

Based On The Latest Design Trends - Who have time to follow all the latest fancy trends? I did all the hard work for you. Now you'll now for sure your book cover look fresh, modern & sexy! That means your potential customers will respect you more and be willing to send you more money!

NEW! 3D Ecover Creation Software

With this easy to use 3D Ecover Creator you'll be able to turn your 2D flat images into beautiful, attention-grabbing 3D ecover graphics. Giving you more authority, more respect and higher perceived value so you can charge higher prices and earn bigger profits!

Why it's just SO AMAZING:

  • Easy To Use (Newbie Friendly) - It's a very simple tool and even if you're not technical - it will work for you!
  • Nothing To Install - It's a completely 100% web-based software. It works both on Mac & PC. It's a truly plug-n-play solution!
  • Create 3D Ecover Graphic In 30 Seconds Or Less! - All you have to do is upload your flat 2D image (that you previously saved in Powerpoint/Open Office or Photoshop), select the spine color and click save. It's THAT simple!
  • It Fits Anywhere Perfectly! - You'll be able to save your ecover in PNG format with transparent background. That means it will fit on any background!

Video Demonstration of 3D Ecover Creator:

Here are some samples:

Are You Impressed? Well, This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!

I am sure that after checking out the contents of this incredible, one-of-a-kind book cover collection you have already realized the IMMENSE value that it has.

Yes I want to absolutely overdelivery for you, that's why...

I'm About To Give Away 4 Exclusive Bonuses
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FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 - The Ultimate Resource For Free Graphics Online
Discover little-known places online where you can get free icons, backgrounds, patterns, fonts, public domain images and so much more cool free stuff! You'll be abstolutely amazed!

Here's what you'll discover inside:

  • FREE Public Domain Images
  • FREE Patterns & Textures
  • FREE Vector Graphics
  • FREE Icons
  • FREE Fonts
  • FREE Mock Up Graphics
  • FREE Cool Text Generator

FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 - VIP Access To "Graphics Mystic" Facebook Group
Imagine a place where you'll be able to get new, fresh graphics every week for 100% free. This VIP facebook group is for everyone to share cool free resources, graphics, templates and other useful things.

FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 - 12 Months Of Free Updates & Free Tech Support
Did you get stuck at any point? Don't know how to edit your graphics? No problem! Our dedicated team is here to help you with any technical problems.

FAST-ACTION BONUS #4 - Step-By-Step Video Trainings How To
Customize Your Graphics

I'll show you behind my shoulder, step-by-step how to quickly edit & customize your awesome graphics. In minutes you'll learn how to make these templates completely unique. It's going to be a lot of fun! You'll need Photoshop, Powerpoint, Open Office or Pixlr in order to follow these trainings.

NOTE: For each graphic I created an additional "No Photoshop" version that you'll be able to use in Pixlr. Each graphic also have separete Powerpoint & Open Office files.

Unfortunately sometimes because of different software versions/operating systems some of the fonts sizes or positionings may not be ideal. Still it's pretty simple to make the small tweaks. In Photoshop it should not be a problem. If you choose to edit the graphics in Pixlr you'll need to add your own text on the graphic. Powerpoint/Open Office files already have editable text layers added.

What Others Have To Say About My Products

"I Was Really Impressed! Everything I Need Is There!"

Warren Contreras
Portland, Oregon, USA
"A Dream Comes True..."


This is what I call "a dream comes true".....I wish I had this years ago.

Honestly, I've never seen a better collection of graphic images like this to help newbies get started INSTANTLY with absolutely no technical skill required.

Aigul Erali
"Lucas Is Right Up At The Top!"

I have actually used Lucas's services outside of the Warrior Forum and he is VERY good!

I thought I would pick up these graphics as well - I am NOT disappointed!

I have also used well over 50 different web designers and graphic artists and Lucas is right up there at the top!

In short - for this price a BARGAIN!

Chris Jones

"These Graphic Elements Are VERY VERY High Quality"

Hyderabad, India
"The Richest Ever With Everything I Need..."

I bought your product a few days ago.

They are simply marvellous and easy to edit.

This is the package I love, the richest ever with everything I need and a lot of exclusive bonuses.

Thanks so much and keep always up your good work!

Alessandro Zamboni
Milano, Italy
"Great Stuff As Always Lucas!"

Great stuff as always Lucas!

Just what the doctor ordered, and perfect that some of these are "pre-made" so one doesn't have to fiddle with them.

Complements the headline package I bought from you before perfectly!

Espen Samuelsen
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You could also design all the graphics yourself and spend "unforgettable" late evenings with the world's most confusing program ever - Photoshop :) Your choice.

The last option is to get expensive, over-used graphic templates from sites like, yet the prices aren't pretty!

Before I'm going to reveal to you my discounted price, let's sum it up together.

Here's What You'll Get:
What You'll Receive...
40 Nonfiction Book Covers
40 Fiction Book Covers
3D Ecover Creator
FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 – The Ultimate Resource For Free Graphics Online
FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 – VIP Access To "Graphics Mystic" Facebook Group
FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 – 12 Months Of Free Updates & Free Tech Support
FAST-ACTION BONUS #4 – Step-By-Step Video Training How To Customize Your Graphics
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Here are the main reasons why I'm charging only $37 for this premium package.

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If you still can't wrap your head around this expense, skip getting a coffee at Starbucks once this week and it's paid for.

"Love It Or I Pay You $50"
Money-Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1
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Guarantee #2
If you actually use these book cover templates and you won't notice any significant changes (in increased sales or conversions), I'll refund all your money, PLUS give you $50 for your wasted time. I would feel bad taking your hard-earned money without giving you 10 TIMES the value what you paid for!

Lucas Adamski

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Money Back Guaranteed
Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked
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Frequently Asked Questions

Would I Need Photoshop To Edit These Graphics?

Most of the graphics do not require Photoshop. I created a separate files for No-Photoshop version which you can open using a free online graphic editor ( I also created Powerpoint & Open Office files so you can edit many of the graphics in Powerpoint or Open Office. I recorded a super simple video training that explains how to edit those in literally seconds!

Many graphics are also "copy-and-paste" templates that you can just copy and paste on your site and enjoy!

Do You Provide Any Support/Trainings?

YES, absolutely! Once you get your package you'll receive a video training were I'll show behind-my-shoulder how to edit the templates. Also I'm always here for help, just send me a ticket and I'll answer any issues in 24-48h. You will never be left alone. I'm here to help.

Do You Own A Full License To All The Graphics?

Yes! I created all the graphics listed above and have the full rights to them. I only used public domain images and free resources that I have rights to include in this pack. The fonts are free to be used commercially. Links to the public domain images, font download links & font licenses are included.

Does It Work On Mac/Windows?

The graphics work on Mac and Windows. Also you can customize them freely on both platforms.

Can These Graphics Be Used In Wordpress/OptimizePress/LeadPages?

Yes! You can use these graphics literally anywhere. In Wordpress, basically select the graphic you want and use a Wordpress upload option.

Is There Any Recurring Payment?

No. You'll get instant access to the full graphics package for just a small one-time investment.

Does It Come With Developer's License?

NO. The main offer comes with unlimited personal license. That means you can edit and use these graphics freely within your own projects. In order to get a developer's license to use them for your client's work, you'll have to get the upgrade to this offer. It's an upsell offer you'll see after purchasing this product.

To Your Success,
Lucas Adamski

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